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Game Times: 11am (lower seeds) and 2pm (higher seeds). Sunday game at 11am. 




What is the address for the stadium?

Parking/Tailgating Info:

  • We encourage you to come out early and tailgate before stadium events. Ensure that your tailgate meets the requirements for keeping you and other guests safe, please adhere to the following policies:

  • One parking space per vehicle and tailgate equipment.

  • Vehicles, tents or other coverings, tables, chairs, grills, coolers and games are not to be placed in the drive aisles or in unoccupied parking spaces.


How much is admission?

  • Admission: $10 per person and will be good for both Saturday and Sunday. **CASH ONLY PLEASE**

  • Students, Military, and Seniors:  $5 for both days.

  • Players and coaches are free.

  • Parking is free.

What is team sideline policy? 

  • Sideline access is limited to coaches, players, and administrative staff.

  • The High Seed is Home Team and will wear white jerseys. Home teams will occupy the bench to the right of the table. 

  • Water and squeeze bottles will be provided on the sidelines.  

  • All spectators shall be on the opposite side of the field from the team benches.  

  • Only players in uniform may be on the sidelines.  Non-participating players must wear game jerseys in order to be on the sideline.

  • You may have 2 people at the scorer's table.

  • "Home" team is responsible for manning the game table (stat book, spotter, etc).  Time and scoreboard will be in the booth.

Who runs the tables? 

  • The official scorebook and penalty time will be kept at the sidelines by tournament-provided personnel.

  • Each team may have a single team book-keeper and a single spotter allowed at the table. 

Will I be allowed to take pictures or film during the games?

  • Each team will be given ONE sideline pass to be used by your Team Photographer or Videographer.

  • All other photographers or family members should take pictures from sidelines/stands.

  • Please ensure your designated photographer stays on the fan sideline at least five yards from the sideline and not beyond goal-line extended.

Will commemorative shirts and programs be available? 

  • Yes, we will have programs featuring all the regional teams as well as commemorative shirts available for purchase.

Will there be practice fields available? 

  • Teams will have access to warm-up on the field before the game. 

What happens if there is inclement weather?

  • Stadium has an all-weather surface and games will not be called on account of weather so bring rain gear.

  • The tournament will observe NCAA lightning Policy which requires suspension of activities when less that 30 second flash-to-bang occurs.

  • Activities will be suspended for 30 minutes beyond the last 30 second flash-to-bang.

  • Games may be delayed and played at night if lightning is encountered. Any changes to the posted schedule will be posted to THSLL as soon as possible. 

What are the Restrictions for the Stadium?

  • No colored beverages, food or gum is allowed on the playing field.

  • Guide/Service Dogs are allowed inside the stadium, pets are not allowed.

  • All equipment such as training tables, fans and heaters must have a protective base – make arrangements with the stadium manager.

  • No live mascots.

  • No cannons, confetti, or loud and distracting noise-makers (cowbells, fog horns, or plastic trumpets.)

  • No baby powder.

  • No propane tanks.

  • Ice chests will be allowed for team players on sideline only.  No coolers in the stands please.

  • No climbing on the rails or jumping on bleachers. 

  • Spirit signs must be made of vinyl/cloth with permanent paint that does not run when wet. No paper/painted signs. Signs must be tied to the railing. Taping of signs to any stadium structure will not be permitted.

  • THERE WILL BE NO THROWING OF BALLS inside the stadium/stands. 

  • No throwing of balls on any internal or external wall.

How should we handle emergencies/injuries? 

  • In case of any emergency, please contact THSLL representative, Nancy Powers: 214-384-4047.

  • Any Reagan Lacrosse Host should also be able to provide assistance.

  • On-site first-aid:  A trainer is available for all teams.

  • Teams may also bring their own. 


Will there be food/concessions?

  • Yes, there will be a food truck and the concession stand inside the stadium will be open as well.