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HS Girls Game Day Administrator ("GDA")

A game day administrator is assigned at each game.  The game day administrator has the following responsibilities (or must find someone to fill these jobs):


Central Texas Girls High School Lacrosse League ("CTGHSLL") will provide online training for all GDA's which are required for this position.

An example of job duties for GDA include:

Away Games:

  • Get the team's game day bag from the storage unit and bring it to the game.

  • Get the printed roster from the coach and provide to the home team scorer and announcer as well as our scorebook keeper.

  • Mediate/handle any rowdy parents/fans, providing a lollipop to those in need, contacting security if necessary.

  • 'Check-in' the other game day volunteers.  If someone doesn't show up, recruit from stands or fill in when not. Help out and answer questions for the other volunteers.

  • Notify the volunteer coordinator if a game day job was not filled by the person signed up or of any substitutions so that the proper family is credited for volunteer hours.

  • Return the game day bag to the storage unit.

Home Games (In addition to the responsibilities above):


  • Get the table, chairs, gameday bag, cones, and water coolers, and water bottles from the storage unit. 

  • Connect with field contacts to get access to scoreboard, unlock the bathrooms, and to turn on lights, and get the scoreboard control panel.

  • Collect vouchers from the refs and provide to the treasurer, (or another board member if the treasurer is not present).

  • Fill water coolers with ice/water and place on the two benches.  Fill the water bottles for the team bench.

  • Set up cones on the field to mark off the substitution box and player boxes.

  • Collect rosters from both teams coaches and provide to the scorers and announcers (if present).

  • Get defibrillator from the home team coach and bring to the scorers table.

  • Get new game day balls from the coach and recruit some player siblings to put the balls on the endline before the game and between each quarter.  Make sure the kids know not to be on the endlines during play for safety reasons. 

  • If more than one game is going on that day, work with the other GDA to handoff/pickup duties.

  • If last game, insure the players pick up trash on the field/stands.  Pack up and return the scorers table, chairs, coolers, game day bag etc. to the storage unit, take the defibrillator to the coach, make sure lights. are off, and bathroom/gates locked (or handed off to field contact).