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The History of Reagan Lacrosse

In 2005 Jared Daniels was in a biology class at Reagan High School when his teacher, Ms. Minard threw a lacrosse ball at him.  Jared caught it and she asked him to talk with her after class.  Since Jared played ice hockey in Denver prior to the family's move to SA, Jared was interested in learning more about lacrosse.  Ms. Minard asked Jared to talk with his dad, Joel Daniels, and if he was interested, have Mr. Daniels give her a call about starting a team.  That weekend they met at Ms. Minard's home and began talking about starting Reagan Lacrosse.  Ms. Minard and Jared continued to talk up the plan and pass out fliers that they created.  Ms. Minard and Mr. Daniels organized the practices and solicited two recent college graduates to help in the coaching.  Soon there after a parent by the name of Greg Brooks stepped up to help as well.  Mr. Daniels was elected President of the board. After the first year of Reagan Lacrosse, they organized as a non-profit 501(c)(3).  Ms. Minard stayed active but never officially served as a team teacher sponsor since Reagan Lacrosse was not recognized as a club team by Reagan High School.  Ms. Minard retired from the club after her son graduated.

Reagan Lacrosse has continued to grow and expand to encompass Youth and Middle School programs with 1st-8th grade along with the high school level of 9th-12th grade. In 2015, Reagan Lacrosse High School team and players were highlighted in the Reagan High School yearbook. 


Why is the #2 Jersey Retired from the Reagan Lacrosse High School Team?

Randall Perkins was a player on the Reagan Lacrosse high school team. After graduation, Randall helped coach in the Smithson Valley lacrosse program. Sadly, Randall passed away due to a fatal accident. Reagan Lacrosse chose to remember Randall by retiring his jersey #2 from the high school team. The high school team also commemorates Randall by having the "Best Dressed" award during the high school team end-of-year banquet where the recipient receives a fun hat that is passed on to the next year's recipient that looks similar to one that Randall wore.